Best Genshin Impact Team Comps

Best Genshin Impact Team Comps. Arataki itto has made a powerful debut in genshin impact, and the geo element finally has an amazing main dps choice. Further enable ningguang enabling her to demolish enemies.

Best Genshin Impact Team Builder Ichigokids
Best Genshin Impact Team Builder Ichigokids from

With this team comp the goal is to activate the elemental bursts of the rest of the party first before activating raiden shogun's own elemental burst. Her dmg mostly came from her powerful charged attacks. Further enable ningguang enabling her to demolish enemies.

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While her burst is active, attack enemies to recharge the elemental burst of the whole party then just keep repeating the process. Ningguang best team comp best party for ningguang. the list of characters that best fit by his side isn't a very long one, but finding the proper fits will lead to the highest amount of success in genshin impact if you plan to use this.

Here Are Her Best Team Comps And Characters To Use With Her.

Her dmg mostly came from her powerful charged attacks. So when we talk about genshin impact f2p that can mean many things for different people, but for this list, i will consider that four star characters are much more easier to get in the gatcha system than a five star character, and therefore will only be using only four stars to build my teams. Check out 1000+ results from across the web

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This However Limits Ningguang's Movements.

Eula's return in genshin impact 2.3 has sparked a resurgence in players wondering how to build this vengeful character. A ‘taser’ comp with kokomi, xinqiu, or mona for hydro, and then kazuha or sucrose. Shenhe has excellent potential, but unlike other “one character fits all” supports such as bennett, shenhe relies on specific teams that are tailored around her unique playstyle.

Itto Doesn't Need Too Much To Succeed, As He Can Gain Tons Of Defense And Geo.

We also recommend swapping either. In yae miko electro charge team comp, we have yae miko, xingqiu, sucrose, and kokomi. Ningguang is an amazing dps that deals constant geo dmg to enemies far and close.

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If you can get jean as your healer, that would make this composition even more powerful, as she has a strong anemo element, which is. This is a guide for making the best team and party setup in genshin impact. Best electro team comp in genshin impact:

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