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Get Started

    Thank you for saying YES!

    You have owned up to the challenge of transforming yourself for the better and we couldn’t be prouder of this huge step you finally owned up to.

    Alas, you have decided to seek help from outside yourself. Professional guidance that you won’t be able to get from online tabloids, magazine editorials, or “self-help” fitness guides. You have made the right decision to take back control of your life and choosing a reliable partner to act as your support.

    Now that you’ve passed the baton to Weight Loss Coach, we’ll help you GET STARTED.

    After all, change is scary. It feels crazy intimidating and you just can’t shake off anxious thoughts no matter how many times you’ve tried to convince yourself that it is for your own good. We are here to walk you through every step of the way and ensure that you always have a friend in your fitness journey.

    FIRST THINGS FIRST! Help us get to know you better by filling out this sign-up sheet.

    After signing up, a friendly representative from our team will reach out to you via call and/or email to have a little chat. We will conduct an over-the-phone assessment to make sure that we are a good fit to work together. We want to learn more about your goals, your fitness aspirations, as well as your current struggles so we know exactly how to help you.

    Your journey starts where hesitation ends. Trust that our company will become your safe space – a place where you can talk and share whatever you want, from your personal weight management struggles down to your favorite TV show. Whatever it is you want to say, we are always here to listen.

    What Happens During The Assessment?

    We say “assessment” like it’s a very dull and uptight thing but it’s more of a friendly chat than a full-blown interrogation, really. After all, Weight Loss Coach is your future partner, your ally in your journey towards fitness. We want to cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and understanding among our clients and we want to nurture a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals working towards similar goals.

    You are a future member of the family, so think of the assessment as idle chit-chat you engage with friends or family members.

    In this assessment, we want to know:

    • Where you feel you currently are
    • Where you want to be
    • What drives you to transform yourself holistically
    • What you expect from us and what we can expect from you

    The initial assessment that we’ll conduct over the phone will help ensure that our goals are aligned and complement each other. We want to work with people who are just as willing to be helped as we want to help them. We believe that by working with people with the right resolve, we are able to accomplish results faster and therefore, get them closer to their body goals.

    After Assessment

    The initial assessment will not manage to tell us everything, of course. It merely scratches the tip of the iceberg. In order to fully understand how we can help you and figure out the best and most appropriate measures to take to make a holistic transformation possible, we will conduct a series of tests and evaluations.

    Nothing intrusive, of course! Just gathering data that is on our health checklist. We will ask you to provide information such as:

    • Basic Personal Data
    • Medical History (Including immediate family members)
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Allergies, sensitivities, and other persistent/chronic medical health conditions (if any)
    • Diet or Exercise Regimens presently and/or previously followed

    The above information will prove beneficial when we create a detailed and customized weight management program for you.

    Weight Loss Coach strongly advocates for body-type inclusivity. Your new fitness regimen will be decided with your body’s unique features in mind. Your bone structure, upper and lower body frame, muscle to fat ratio, height, metabolism, energy levels, as well as your medical limitations (if there are any) will all be factored in when creating your personalized weight loss program.

    In other words, we won’t tell you to drop 30 kg or whatever without due reason why!

    Always remember that lighter isn’t always healthier. Your “ideal weight” is heavily dependent on what your body requires. Some people may be tasked to lose a little more than others. While others, might be asked to gain a little more than some.

    There is no such thing as “free size” in the world of holistic weight loss management. The ultimate goal of our company is to help you transform into the best version of yourself – and you can’t do that if your health is not in top condition!

    What Methods Do We Apply?

    Weight Loss Coach believes that in order for people to feel attuned with themselves, they must “reconnect” with nature. If you are going to pursue holistic health, you will need to regain that lost connection you’ve had with nature.

    Thus, many of our methods in are guided by natural principles. Some of which are:

    • Organic Eating
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • Plant-based Diets
    • Juicing
    • Natural Exercise (brisk walking, jogging, hiking, etc.)

    When we plan out your program, we take into consideration your body’s specific needs and formulate the right combination of activities that could help you reach your ideal weight faster.

    Our founder, Taylor Johnson, has taken pride in these natural and clean methods of weight loss. His team of weight loss experts have helped dozens of struggling individuals for the past 13 years without the use of over-the-counter drugs, invasive technology, or other unnatural, forced procedures.

    Let Weight Loss Coach be your ally in your journey towards holistic health.
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