How Much Does It Cost To Grade A Card Psa

How Much Does It Cost To Grade A Card Psa. Trading card psa price guide. For instance, if you’re a starstock member, you can submit your starstock cards for grading with psa.

How Much Does It Cost To Grade A Card Psa inspire ideas 2022
How Much Does It Cost To Grade A Card Psa inspire ideas 2022 from

Be sure to determine the declared value of your card, as this is a key factor in selecting the appropriate psa service level. Whether you are looking to have your cards authenticated and graded for the first time, or looking to submit a graded card for crossover or review, psa offers a wide variety of service levels. That mantle card in a grade of psa 8 sold for nearly $100k!

Psa Grading Costs Range Anywhere From $20 Per Card All The Way Up To $10,000 Per Card, Depending On The Value Of The Card, The Age Of The Card, How Many Cards You’re Submitting At One Time, How Fast You Want The Turnaround To Be, And Other Factors.

Realistically, the value service will cost you about $25/card to $30/card to get a card graded from psa once those extra costs are factored in. If this is not the case or you believe something is incorrect please email [email protected] The cost of psa card grading will depend on the type of sports card, its value, shipping options, options added and the number of cards sent in.

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A Card In A Psa, Beckett* Or Sgc Holder Is Evaluated For Csg Certification.

Getting your pokemon, mtg, yugioh, and sports cards graded by psa all just doubled in cost! Psa has established recognized and respected universal grading standard for trading card collectors. We’ll look at the card with a grade of psa 8.

Psa Has Several Different Packages Available For You To Choose From.

Submission month uk / eu. All submitters shall receive emails from 25th july weekly for their personal submission update. How much does psa grading cost?

Whether You Are Looking To Have Your Cards Authenticated And Graded For The First Time, Or Looking To Submit A Graded Card For Crossover Or Review, Psa Offers A Wide Variety Of Service Levels.

That mantle card in a grade of psa 8 sold for nearly $100k! All of that said, you might find different pricing if you’re able to submit with groups of others. According to the official website page of the psa card grading, the costs for authenticating and grading services would start at $100 per card and go up to $10,000 per card, depending on the value of the card.

The Professional Card Grading Companies Such As Psa, Scg & Beckett Love To Make This Claim, As It Is A Justification For Charging $5 To $15 To Grade A Common Card!

First, they have their value package that starts at $20 per card. How much does it cost to get a card graded by psa? So if you can find deals of cards at under or a little bit above a $100 i would find those.

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