How To Use A Haakaa For Clogged Duct

How To Use A Haakaa For Clogged Duct. How to use a haakaa for clogged duct. Squeeze the bottom of your haakaa creating suction and attach the pump to your breast.

How To Use A Haakaa For Clogged Duct
How To Use A Haakaa For Clogged Duct from

You want to make sure that there’s enough water. Below are the steps you can use to clear a clogged or blocked milk duct with epsom salt, water, and a haakaa pump. Start by using this massager for 15 minutes.

Place Over Your Breast As Usual So That Your Nipple Is Immersed.

One great use for a haakaa is to help clear a clogged duct. Today's video is all about how to relieve clogged milk ducts & how to prevent clogged ducts in the future as a part of our nursing tips for newborns series. Add one to two tablespoons of epsom salts to the warm water in the haakaa.

Use A Warm Compress On Your Breast As You Normally Would.

It’s really simple to use your haakaa to clear a blocked milk duct. The gentle suction of the haakaa, combined with the heat from warm water mixed with epsom salts, can help you effectively and easily clear blocked and clogged milk ducts. The haakaa is genius for treating clogged ducts!

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This is what is going to help draw out the clog after you mix in. Can even help relieve a clogged milk duct; This is one of my favorite haakaa hacks!

How To Use The Haakaa Breast Pump Step 1:

How to use a haakaa for a clogged duct! How to use your haakaa to clear a blocked duct. Additional uses for the haakaa clear a clogged milk duct with a haakaa and epsom salt.

Because Epsom Salt Is A Natural Anti Inflammatory Agent, This Trick Works Perfectly To Clear Up A Clogged Duct.

First, fill the haakaa with enough warm (not hot!) water to make contact with your nipple. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Use a haakaa, epsom salt, and hot water to clear the clogged milk duct.

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